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COVID-19 update May 7

As of March 16, the Australian Government have extended the use of non face to face appointments for patients who are vulnerable for infection. Where appropriate, we will be in contact with you to offer you a change to your appointment, if a face to face appointment is not required. These appointments are available either using FaceTime if you have an iphone, ipad or mac computer, or Zoom as an alternative if you have access to a computer with speakers and a camera or a smart phone (other than an iphone). If you do not currently have one of these options and or you do not have the ability to use one of these ways of video conferencing for your "Telehealth" appointment, we can make it a phone only appointment but our preference is to be able to "see" you if we can. Any scripts or investigations required- such as blood tests, will either be posted or arranged by our administration team after the consultation.


All these appointments will be arranged by our administration team. Some of the cost of the appointment will be billed to medicare, with the gap payable by you at the completion of the consultation. Our admin team will be in touch by phone after the appointment to complete the billing for your appointment.

Please be mindful that we are receiving a very high volume of calls at this time, and so please, your patience regarding changes to your appointments would be appreciated. It would also be appreciated if you are able to complete your Tele-Health appointments in an appropriate place- quiet with as few distractions as possible and with any questions ready. TeleHealth appointments are not appropriate to be held while you are driving your car, or busy with other home duties.

Stay safe everyone

With Kind Regards

The Team at Melbourne Cancer Care

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